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Car keys are very important tools in our daily routines. Without car keys, you can not even get into your car or drive it. To avoid car key disappointment, make us at Verity Locksmith your car keys provider. We are established in Brooklyn Heights, NY. Put a call through to us.

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The Best Car Keys Services In The City

If you need quality and durable car keys, there is only one place to go. Verity Locksmith is the provider of dependable car keys services. Be it car key replacement or any other car key services, call us. We are well equipped and vast in our knowledge of the keys to solving all of your troubles. We offer a wide variety of services, to get full disclosure on our services, reach out to us online. Via our website, emails, or social media. You can also contact us at our company in Brooklyn Heights, NY. Some of the services we offer include ignition key replacement, creating transponder key, remote car key repair, car key fob services, replacement car keys, and many other services. Do not continue patronizing below-par locksmiths when you can get the best service delivered to you. Choose your favorite locksmith and enjoy satisfying services. We are going to make your key troubles go away.

Ignition Key: Dependable Key

Imagine trying to get to the office in time to seal a contract, and then your ignition key starts acting up. Maybe it gets stuck in the lock cylinder, or it even gets broken. Any of these scenarios can ruin a lot of good things. To avoid them, ensure to get your ignition key from us. We will provide you with keys that are strong and won’t break nor bend easily under pressure. Our keys are created by top locksmiths that see to it that the craft is easy to use, even with your eyes closed. To get very good ignition and car keys, always contact us; we supply very good keys.

Transponder Key – Modern Technology Car Key

A transponder key is also referred to at the time as a “chipped key.” These are keys that have a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip inserted in their heads. When a transponder key is inserted into a car’s ignition, the car verifies the chip present in the key programmed to start the car. These chips provide additional security for your cars. If the chip isn’t verified by the car, it won’t be ignited. Some cars are programmed to alert the owners if a wrong key is inserted. To install and replace such keys, you need professional locksmith services. If you want to convert your keys to transponder keys, contact us. A trial is enough to convince you.

Remote Car Keys – Seamless Keys To Use

With the transponder key, you have to insert it first in the car before the ignition. It is not the case with some remote car keys. With remote car keys, you can lock and unlock your car doors from wherever you are or within programmed range. Some vehicles can even be ignited remotely. This system is referred to as the remote keyless system (RKS). If you decide on adopting this system for your car keys, we are the right person to call on. This way, you can enjoy your keys seamlessly and with security. Call us for all of your car keys, supplies and repairs. Quality services at your reach.

Car Key Fob – Electronic Car Keys

Car key fob is a small electronic device that gives access to cars. It is used in a remote keyless system. They have buttons on them by which the car is operated instead of using keys. A car key fob can die, but that does not mean you won’t be able to operate your car. A system is put in place as a manual backup plan to operate your car even if your key fob is down. We can help you change your key fob if need be, and we can also help you program them. Whenever you want an RKS system to be put in place for your cars, contact us.

One-Stop Solution For Your Car Keys And Locks

We are the rightful place to consider for all your car keys. Car door locks can also be repaired and fitted by us. If your door lock needs to be changed or upgraded, contact us. We are concerned with everything, including car locks and keys. Verify Locksmith is the one-stop-shop for all your car keys and lock troubles.

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Car Keys Articles


Yes, you can. If you need it to have that peace of mind that comes with security, you can change your car keys. Your door lock, too, can be changed as you deem fit.

Ignition key gets stuck when your ignition lock is bad. If you begin to experience key stuck, just know you need to replace your ignition lock. We are available to help with that.

The transponder key has a chip planted in the key head; that’s why it is also referred to as a chipped key. To convert your normal keys, they will be chipped and your ignition programmed. Contact us for more information.

Remote car key often has a backup system that allows you to operate your car manually even if the fob is low or not functional.

Your car key fob can be repaired and changed if it warrants changing. You need the service of a professional locksmith to help with that. Contact us.