Combination Lock: Convenient Way of Security!

When people use the same keys to open doors or cabinets, they create a convenient shortcut for accessing their belongings. However, this convenience can also be a security risk if it becomes common knowledge which key opens which lock. In order to solve this problem, you can have locks made that only operate with a special key that is programmed with the correct information about the lock and its functions.

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A combo lock is one of the easiest ways to access a locked cabinet, safe, or other secure storage space. Using the series operational method, it requires two different sets of numbers in order to unlock it. By having multiple digits and letters of numbers available, you can easily make combinations that are hard to guess for others who do not know the combination outside of how many digits are required. Call our specialist locksmith at Verity Locksmith today, and we’ll install your new electronic combo lock within minutes at an affordable price!

What is a Combination Lock?

A combination lock is a mechanical lock that requires two different sets of digits or letters to unlock it. By knowing how many digits are required and how they’re used, others don’t have a shortcut for figuring out the code without knowing the combination. The most common combo locks are knob locks and pin locks. Cabinets, doors, and filing cabinets typically feature pin locks, whereas exterior doors typically feature knob locks.

When you require door or cabinet lock replacement or repair, you can contact Verity Locksmith. This can be a professional service, or you can do it yourself. The right locksmith can help you navigate the industry and find a company that’s right for your specific needs. There are many factors to consider when choosing a locksmith. There are many locksmiths in the business, and you have to choose one who will be able to satisfy your requirements. You must make sure that the locksmith you choose is licensed and insured.

How to Install a Combo Lock?

When installing a combination lock, you first have to decide how the lock will be connected to the door or cabinet. There are three main options:

Conventional: A conventional lock is a mechanical lock connected to the door frame by means of a deadbolt or keyway. In the case of a deadbolt, the lock itself attaches to the door’s frame. The deadbolt keeps intruders from breaking into the door.

Retained: The door frame holds a lock known as a retained lock, which does not use a deadbolt. The standard lock for exterior doors is a deadbolt, while a sliding door will have a sliding lock.

Decorated: You can add some flair to your home’s interior by selecting the “Decorated” option.

Specifications of Electronic Combination Lock

The user enters regular numbers or letters to activate the combo lock, which is an electronic lock. There are two basic types of electronic combination locks: dial combination locks and digital locks. Dial combination locks use wheels that rotate to enter the combination. Every time you use the lock, you must enter the combination in the exact same order.

The combination won’t change even if a user forgets to type a digit. In both residential and commercial applications, this is the most prevalent kind of electronic combo lock. A digital combo lock functions as a memory. Each time you enter a correct combination, the lock remembers the digits. This allows you to quickly change the combination or reset the lock if you make an error.

Pros of Electronic Combination Lock

Security: Electronic combination locks offer a high level of security. Unless you know the combination or can pick the lock, no one will be able to access your possessions.

Convenience: combo locks are a convenient way to access your belongings. They’re easy to use and require only two sets of digits.

Cost: Electronic locks are generally cheaper than key-based locks.

Cons of Electronic Combo Lock

False Combination: False combinations are possible. If you change your combination after someone has broken into your home, they won’t know the new combination. However, if the burglar does not pick the lock or force an entry, the combination change is a valid security risk.

Difficulty Changing: If the combination is difficult to remember, changing it will not be as easy as simply using a pen to erase the current combination. You’ll have to use a lock-changing tool or write down the new combination.

False Alarms: False alarms are possible. When the lock senses motion or other triggers, it activates the alarm. This could be annoying or dangerous if you’re home alone.

Final Words

Combo locks are a convenient way to open cabinets. They have mechanical dials that display numbers, but a latch holds them to the door. You must turn the knob to get it to open, and then you open the door with your key or with a combination. Since the lock is often connected to the door with a latch, you can also call a locksmith if you’ve locked yourself out. Call us to install or replace door locks. You can use the Veritas Locksmith service to avoid a costly visit to the emergency room if you’ve locked yourself out. We can also install keypad door locks. We can also offer commercial locksmith services.

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