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Intruders will be deterred from entering through a deadbolt lock installation. Their presence Sometimes, just having a deadbolt installation, is enough to deter a criminal. Does every exterior door have one?
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You could be in danger if you answered no! Crimes are committed based on weaknesses. How can a hardware store lockset be as good as one from a locksmith? This seems absurd. We can install quality deadbolts that are impossible to find elsewhere! We’re your one-stop-shop for locking systems! The best deadbolt installation services are provided by our team of highly skilled locksmiths in Brooklyn Heights, NY. Our locksmiths are experienced in installing deadbolts, ensuring a quick installation of deadbolts.

Deadbolt Locks Service

It’s usually used on exterior doors, but it can be used anywhere. Deadbolt locks can only be opened by a key or by a keyless code. Unauthorized people are nearly impossible to open this type of lock without the key programmed inside of it; this makes it the ideal choice for homeowners. Install it properly to avoid any bridges with the help of an expert. Verity Locksmith’s professionals will help you install your door lock as well as provide you with its supply. Our company is capable of handling all types of locksmith services, in addition to a deadbolt lock installation.

Deadbolt Locks – What Are Your Options


Deadbolts with a single cylinder

The most common type of deadbolt is this type. Deadbolts offer an extra layer of security to doors. Almost every residential home has them. Locks like these are also controlled by keys or cylinders on the outside, and thumbscrews on the inside.

Deadbolts With Two Cylinders

It features keyless access on both the inside and outside so it’s much more secure than a regular deadbolt. Intruders cannot force their way into these, which is a benefit. A lock of this kind is normally used in workplaces that cannot be accessed from the inside without an access key.

Deadbolts That Slide Vertically

Designed to be bolted inside the door, these locks are intended to be bolted inside the door. A layer of protection is installed on the top of the door so the intruder cannot open it.

Deadbolts With Hybrid Technology

Double cylinder deadbolts with thumbscrews are common. It also features a lockable thumbscrew on its inside as well as cylinder access on both sides. While providing the security of a double cylinder, the single-cylinder provides additional functionality.

Deadbolts On the Rim

On the inside face of the door, you will find these kinds of deadbolts. Automatically locking the door when you close it, they are operational every time. That gives you a sense of security.

Deadbolts For Mortise Locks

An edge of the door is commonly used to install these kinds of deadbolts. That makes it difficult for someone to tamper with them. Even though this type of lock is strong, there must be a hole cut out of the door to use it, which makes the door vulnerable.

Deadbolts With Digital Technology

Deadbolts of this type use a keypad instead of a keyhole and are identical to keyless deadbolts. An electric power source or battery is required in order to operate these types of locks.

Verity Locksmith possesses years of experience in installing deadbolt locks, ensuring you can rest assured that we have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of your property, employees, and possessions.
Regardless of the size or the set of needs of the commercial company, we provide security solutions for schools, hospitals, and hotels. Besides installing locks, our locksmiths provide a number of services that ensure your satisfaction with the service after the sale.

The Best Repair For Deadbolt Stuck

In case your deadbolt doesn’t work as expected, or it malfunctions, make sure you have it repaired as soon as possible. You may have a deadbolt that is not functioning properly if the internal parts of the lock are not aligned; in this case, the lock might not be finding and engaging with the strike plate. We have deadbolt experts on staff who will help you with the necessary repair if this is the case. Having our professionals examine the deadbolt may resolve the problem; if it is out of alignment with the strike plate, we can The deadbolt needs to be adjusted and removed in order to be positioned correctly at a shaft. We are the ones to call when your deadbolt is stuck in the ignition.

Installation And Repair Of Door Locks

For repair or installation of door locks, contact us and let us know where you are located. It is important to repair and maintain locks properly as they wear out like anything else in this world. We are also able to offer advice on how you can maintain your locks, or we can help you with that by hiring our deadbolt lock experts. As well as installing a high-security lock, conventional locks, and so on, our specialists can also install all kinds of door locks. We won’t keep you waiting for help if your keys get stuck in a lock; simply call us for assistance. We can provide more information upon request. We have residential locksmith services, car locksmith near me services.

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