Keyless Entry Door Locks: A Perfect Solution for Your Security!

If you have a home or business that is often visited, then keyless entry door locks are the perfect solution. These locks allow users to access the premises without needing to remember a security code or unlocking a physical lock. The installation of these locks does not require any major renovations to your existing structure and professional Verity Locksmith in your area can easily install them. Once installed, there should be very few occasions when anyone other than the legitimate user of the premises will need access.

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Features Of Keyless Entry Door Lock

Keyless entry door locks are electronic devices that allow owners to open their doors using a keyless entry keypad. You can install it on an adjacent wall, inside of a closet, or inside of a drawer and connects to the receiver hidden from view. This allows users to enter a code or manipulate the lock using the keypad and sensor without having to use a key. Instead of a traditional lock mechanism, a keypad entry system uses electronic functions to open and close the lock.

A keypad entry system is a common way to secure interior doors. Many commercial applications use keypad entry systems to control access to offices and storage rooms.

Types of Keyless Entry Door Locks

Electronic keypad entry locks come with several different functions that can control the lock. These functions are usually called features, or functions. Some of the more common features are following:

Code Entry – Allows a user to enter a code into the keypad to open the lock.

Bluetooth Smart – Allow the keypad to communicate wirelessly with compatible smart locks.

Biometric Sensors – Automatically recognize users and allow them access.

Intercom – Connects the keypad to an existing intercom system.

How a Keyless Entry Lock Works

The keyless entry system installed at your house or business uses a radio transmitter and receiver to communicate with an existing keypad in your house or business. The keypad usually connects to the lock’s code entry system using a dedicated wire or Bluetooth. The lock’s keypad connects to a battery inside the lock to operate the lock’s operation. The keypad battery provides enough power to operate the lock for 30 consecutive lock cycles. Before each lock cycle, the transmitter inside the lock sends a signal to the receiver connected to the keypad. This signal contains information about the user’s identity. The keypad then uses this information and the user’s password to authenticate the user.

Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry Door Locks

The advantages of keyless entry door locks include a reduction in lock-related burglaries and an increase in residential energy savings. These locks also provide peace of mind for homeowners who worry about losing their keys. Even though keyless entry door locks offer great security benefits, they are not completely secure. An intruder can simply defeat the keypad or Bluetooth signal to gain access to your home or business. The main disadvantage of keyless entry door locks is that they require a battery inside the lock. If the battery fails, then the lock will not work. This can be inconvenient if you forget your key and must call a locksmith to open your door.

How to Reset a Lost Key or Change the Code on Your Lock

If you lose your key, you can reset the lock by inserting a new battery into the keypad. There are usually screws on the back of the keypad that you can unscrew to remove the old battery. Make sure to replace the screws before using the lock again. If you have changed the lock’s code, you can reset the lock by unplugging the receiver from the keypad. Then you can use a new key or code to open the lock.

Call Veritas Locksmith for keyless Entry Locks Repair Work

Locks can experience several issues, including a broken key, a broken keyway, or a broken lock. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your lock, then you should call a professional Verity Locksmith. A locksmith can inspect your door and lock, and determine the cause of any issues. They can also provide you with a cost estimate and repair schedule for your lock. We can also deal with combination locks and security door locks. You can check our website to know more about us!


A keyless entry door lock uses fewer resources than a conventional door lock to secure a home or business. For instance, a keyless entry system reduces theft risk because it does not require keys. Additionally, fewer opportunities for lock breaking result from this. Whether you have a new home or an existing structure, keyless entry door locks can significantly enhance your security.

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